Kharkiv business incubator - the chance for professional courses graduates

During the project the staff and students of the Kharkiv based Beketov University of Municipal Economy got familiarized with the university business incubator concept and rules of its operation as the form of assisting the graduates in entering the labor market as entrepreneurs. They got a reasonable mixture of theory during seminars and practice during study visits either for organizers (university staff) and beneficiaries (students). The University received physical assistance in converting their premises into the incubator while the authors of 6 best business plans got the opportunity of starting-up their activities there.

Their scope varied from manufacturing home gardening facilities, fluorescent fabric elements, intermediary service in minor home repairs, property management, energy audits and financial services. They received limited funding as well as the mentoring assistance.

Through intensifying contacts of the Beketov University and the Krakow University of Mining and Metallurgy, the Ukrainian partner reinforced the real estate component in business education and got a perspective of participating in further joint projects.


Donors and Partners

Supported by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Polish Aide program in 2013-2014



Krzysztof Filcek - PAUCI Deputy Director