Moldova in the EU Cross-Border Cooperation Programs 2014-2020. Polish support for an effective use of the EU assistance by the Moldovan local communities.

In the 2014-2020 fiscal perspective Moldova will have the opportunity to participate in as many as 4 cross-border programs of the European Union, with a total budget of more than 300 million EUR. Effective use of this opportunity would require the institutionally strong Moldovan local partners - government and social organizations, reasonable ideas, good preparation of project proposals and discipline in their implementation. The project was implemented in cooperation with Chisinau based Business Consulting Institute which helped 24 Moldovan local communities to actively participate in EU cross-border programs, to improve the quality and effectiveness of projects. Representatives of local government and community organizations jointly participated in 3 days preparatory courses and two study visits to Poland (focused on learning the experience of the Territorial Cooperation Operational Programs of 2007-2013 (Lubuskie province – land of Brandenburg; Lithuania-Poland-Russia and South Baltic Programs). 8 Moldovan local communities received advanced expert assistance in the preparation of their own cross-border cooperation projects in line with the requirements of the EU funds for the period of 2014-2020. These projects, study visits and training experience, and the scope of cross-border programs were discussed during the final conference in Chisinau at the end of 2014.

Donors and Partners

Supported by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Polish Aide program in 2014.


Krzysztof Filcek - PAUCI Deputy Director