Performance budgets in Cherkasy and Vinnitsa - support for good governance and financial transparency of local governments in Ukraine

Objectives and results of the action:


The project aims to strengthen the good governance capacity of LA and NSAs of Vinnitsa and Cherkasy regional capitals as well as financial transparency of those cities based on experiences of performance budgeting introduced in Polish cities, especially in Kraków.


Expected results:
  • Key decision-makers in Vinntsa and Cherkasy (Mayor, Chairman of Budgetary Committee of the City Council, Municipal Treasurer) support reform of municipal budgeting
  • 160 persons gained basic knowledge on the specificity of performance budgeting
  • 20 specialists from municipal administration and specialized social organizations of both cities obtained deep knowledge on performance budgeting
  • 16 representatives of all-sector partners and 8 decision-makers of both cities studied the practice of performance budgeting in Poland
  • 2 coordinators of budgetary reforms from Ukraine studied the experience of Krakow in the sphere of budgetary reform implementation
  • At least 60 people incl. municipal authorities, support further work on implementation of budgetary reform in Cherkasy and Vinnitsa
  • Performance Budget Task Force is established in Cherkasy and Vinnitsa, its employees get trained to prepare the first drafts of a pilot budgets
  • 20 specialists from Cherkasy and Vinnitsa (incl. Task Force members and NSAs) will possess additional knowledge and experience in monitoring of performance budgets implementation
  • Experiences of Cherkasy and Vinnitsa in performance budget implementation inspire other Ukrainian towns as well the Ministry of Finance


Donors and Partners

EC Delegation in Kyiv


Cherkassy City Council
Vinnitsa City Council



Kostiantyn Ploskyi – PAUCI Deputy Director